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Woodgate Farm

Woodgate Farm
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Welcome to Woodgate Farm

Woodgate Farm is located in Magnetawan, Ontario. Our maple and honey products are sold in Stouffville, Aurora, Newmarket, North York, Huntsville and Toronto areas.


Our 117-year-old farm and mixed-wood forest are a 200-acre paradise for clean living, healthy eating and producing excellent quality maple and honey products.  Our farm is located in one of the best maple syrup producing regions of Ontario. Old-growth sugar maples, our mineral-rich soil, naturally growing wildflowers (for the honey bees), our plentiful sunny days… all add up to nature’s perfection for maple syrup and honey production.  You won’t find our products in grocery chain stores, ever!  Direct from our farm, to your kitchen.


We offer a very limited-production of our farm products each season. Each batch is carefully made with love and care. We only make small-batches and limited production.  This is as good as it gets!

Bottling Woodgate Farm Maple Syrup _ 250ML

100% Pure Maple Syrup

Our sap is exclusively collected from our old-growth sugar maple forest where our sugar maples have spent decades growing into a premium sugar bush.


From our limited production maple syrup, we also offer Early Harvest and Late Harvest elixir which will surprise your taste buds.

  • $8 – 250 ml

  • $12 – 500 ml

  • $22 – 1 litre

Woodgate Farm Maple Butter

Artisinal Maple Butter

Our limited production, artisanal maple butter is made with unlimited patience and infused with love.  Our 2-day process involves significant pain-staking effort (and maple syrup) to produce the most amazingly smooth maple butter that you will enjoy sharing with your family and friends.

  • $10 – 125 ml

  • $14 – 250 ml

Woodgate Farm Honey

Unpasteurized , 100% Pure Wildflower Honey

Our 200-acre property offers our bees an excellent variety of flowers to pollenate. Our bee hives are located in the ideal spot on our farm with lots of sunshine yet are protected from harsh winds.  Our bees travel far and wide looking for amazing pollen to bring back to our hives, which they transform into our amazing golden honey.

  • $6 – 250 g

  • $10 – 500 g

  • $18 – 1 kg

Please contact us directly with any order requests for our Maple Syrup, Maple Butter and/or Wildflower Honey.

We accept e-transfer and square reader or cash payment for in-person sales.


Thank you.

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